Collecting miniature cars is a very popular hobby.

Often a good number of miniatures are brought together in a few years and the value can be considerable.
In some cases, insurance is wise, and then a value will have to be established from the collection.

We also often receive requests from the valuation of a model that stood in the cabinet at a deceased family member, or a bought model at a flea market or thrift store.

Very normal questions, and very understandable.


An appraisal is particularly difficult to do, in addition to the rules imposed to do this.

Appraisals may, for insurance in particular, only be made by a recognized appraiser. That is someone who specializes in determining the value of things, and as such is affiliated with, for example, a foundation as the united register of appraisers.

In addition, the market of model cars is very fluctuating. Even by country!
Many factors such as damage, packaging, small details a major influence on the final price of a miniature.
These factors are often poorly visible on a photo, which remotely valuates more difficult.

We have made the choice ourselves to never perform appraisals, also not for 1 model car, due to the above reasons.

In short, you want to have a collection or model appealed, you can request a connected appraiser to your insurance.