Rights and use of data and images

Siku Database 

The images and data base are the property of Sikumuseum.

It may be used to display the data and pictures, and to consult the public.
Showing on (Siku)forums is permitted but required is to mention the source. A working link to the article is preferrable. 
Hotlinking is not allowed, there is is no exception.
The use of the images on sites like Ebay, HobbyDB.com, Catawiki and Marketplace sales are not allowed.

We appreciate if these rules are followed.

Intellectual property

Unless indicated otherwise, all figurative and word marks protected by trademark law in the Database. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. SikuMuseum has no right or claim to the brand used. The use of brand names and logos should be protected only descriptive. Named brands are not in any partnership, cooperative or connect with SikuMuseum.