Plastic figures

From the beginning of the '50s Siku started producing plastic figurines. The figurines were put in a box of candy, or sold with margarine. When these objects no longer sold well, Sieper adjusted in 1954 many of these designs of flat figures to separate 3D figures so kids could play with it together with the new line of car models introduced also in 1954.


  • Margarine figures
  • Traffic and road signs
  • Airplanes

    In 1959 Siku started making a series of aircraft. These are made of plastic.

    You could put together a complete airport, including buildings and vehicles in the same scale 1:250.

    The oldest models have an article number that ends with an a and a few years later the b numbers were often released. In 1963 the F-Series ended abruptly as Siku switched to metal car models. This also put an end to production of the aircraft.

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